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Comprehensive Marketing Solution 

Phases of Service   

This is a 12-month cycle with a four-phase process to review, evaluate, create and implement a solid marketing foundation to grow your business.



Comprehensive Marketing & Communications Assessment

Review web site and all current marketing materials, digital and printed, sit down with the principals and walk through the Ignition Creative Brief to further assess their core values and goals



Discovery & Messaging

Review creative brief and find key selling proposition and three unique attributes of the company or product. Create new messaging then communicate it to the target market 



Design & Implementation

Take the new messaging and synthesize it down to a digestible thought for the target customer.

Devise a marketing communication plan of which outlines the vehicles that will make the most impact.



Evaluation & Planning – Recalibrating Campaign Messaging

With unique URL’s or through Google Analytics, track the metrics and monitor the digital content and communication as well as any printed materials. Refine strategy and tactics to optimize the impact of the campaigns. 

Online Portfolio: CLICK HERE to see some creative solutions!

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