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The Discovery Phase


Clarify Your Primary Objective
What is the primary problem we are trying to solve?
What is the ultimate goal?


Define The Target Audience
Are you targeting existing customers or new, prospective non-customers? Who are the main and secondary targets?



Perform A Competitive Analysis
Within your target market(s), we expect to compete with other companies: What are their products we compete with? 

What does their product do and is it better than yours in anyway?



Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition
What is it that separates you from others in the same category?



Understand Brand Perception

Current Perception
What does the target market currently think about this category?

Desired Perception
How do we want them to think about this category?


Determine Your Call to Action
What are we trying to accomplish? We need to spell out exactly what the next step the target audience should take.



Break Down Your Offer

Why should they do what you want them to do?

What’s in it for them?

Why will they care?

What do they get?


The answer is to integrate your communication with strategic marketing objectives for the most effective results.


Getting to know your business, your target markets and most importantly, finding your one voice and then amplifying it, is where Ignition can craft a team to your specific marketing needs, help you define your story and present your focused message.

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