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“Jim delivers the sophistication of a large agency with the speed, spot-on creative and attentiveness of a small and nimble creative group.” 

— Don Prisby, Founder and President at NorthPoint Advocates

“Jim transformed one dry, boring communication project after another into arresting and thought-provoking advertising and marketing design solutions. He’s a creative director of the highest order, full of inspiring energy and great ideas!” 

— Leslie Johnson, Sr. UX Content Strategist at U.S. Bank

“Jim is one of the most creative and innovative graphic designers I have had the opportunity to work with in my more than 15 years of working in public relations and marketing. He has the unique ability to bring an idea to life, the first time!” 

— Brian Graves Sr., M.A., Director of Marketing and Communications at Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School (The O-School)

“Jim brings his significant marketing communications experience on every project he works on. Jim's ideation capabilities as well as his ability to bring chosen concepts to life within a variety of different media and environments was a pleasure to experience on a daily basis.” 

— Jason White, Content Strategist & Copywriter at Graco 

“Jim is creative, energetic and witty. He just “gets it”– he has a great ability to distill complex ideas and data into great creative that gets results.” 

— Dick Tomkinson, Freelance Production Designer 

"Jim is one of those rare creative individuals that makes the creative process such a joy to experience. I have personally witnessed how a collaborative creative process should and does play itself out. Big ideas are a forte of Jim’s creative arsenal.” 

— Michael Dear, Illustration/Design

“As an outside vendor, I’ve worked with Jim on multiple projects over the years.

He expects, and accepts, only the best out of his outside resources – because I can see he expects as much from himself. Jim is the kind of client any vendor would love to work with."

—Steve Reudelsterz, Account Executive at Graphic Systems 

“Jim is a great visionary when it comes to his skills as an art director.

He is also a wonderful person and a man of integrity.”

—Shawn Nielsen, Owner/Photographer  

“While working with Jim, I knew him as a motivated, forward-thinking and creative Senior Art Director. Jim was always willing to adapt and change the content or assets as needed until they were perfect. His creative skill set (graphic design, video production, artistic ability) as well as his positive attitude make for a great combination." 

— Samantha Schaff, Digital Content Manager at Stratasys  

“Jim is not only very creative, he is also fast and fun to work with. The work we did together received awards and accolades. He is my go-to designer." 

— Fran Howard, Owner, Fran Howard Communications 

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